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Extend your ASL teaching capacity in the classroom

Ideal for these ASL programs

  • Beginner ASL classes at both high school and university level

  • Too many students for teachers to grade or manage

  • Not enough time to give enough individual attention to students

Benefits for Teachers

  • An interactive teaching tool that optimizes class time, minimizing teacher workload

  • Help to meet the growing demand for ASL education

  • Track and test student progress, auto-generate reports

  • Can align with curriculum - easy to implement

  • Gamified learning makes practicing vocabulary fun

  • Students boost their learning with real-time feedback when signing in front of the lab

  • Helps to increase confidence

  • Students can progress at their own pace

  • Online access to our video library is available for remote study

Benefits for Students


"The students love it! They have told me that it's helped their fingerspelling flow. Also, they mentioned that they didn't realize they were forming a letter incorrectly (ie: F for D) until they kept getting it wrong on the SignAII!"  Read full testimonial

Jessica Minor, Professor at

Sinclair College


"To my surprise, most students are really enjoying the SignAll Learn features. One particular student is especially shy when it comes to human interaction. So, that student feels more comfortable using the system! "  Read full testimonial

Dr. Tracy Knight, Professor at
Sam Houston State University

How It works 

  • "Learn" module introduces new signs

  • "Practice" module allows students to practice their signs with real-time feedback

  • "Quiz" module tests students’ knowledge, and documents progress

  • Additional games make practicing fun  

  • Students are scored for how much time they spend interacting with the lab

  • Students practice ASL at their own pace

  • Returns immediate feedback to users on their signing

SignAll Learn UI
SignAll Learn User
SignAll Learn Gloves
SignAll Learn UI

What to expect from your SignAll Installation

  • ​A compact, single-computer lab installed directly in your classroom or workplace

  • Can serve an entire classroom of students

  • Advanced sign recognition technology tracks finger movements, body position, and facial expressions

  • Read more about system details here

Your SignAll system installed


Try SignAll Lab with no risk

We are now accepting applications for 2021.  Qualifying schools can get SignAll Lab installed for free, and get a full semester at no charge.  We offer flexible start dates, so we're ready when you are.


Read the SignAll Case Study

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